ABC News Caught In The Act Publishing Fake News Slandering Trump

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  • The mainstream media has the tendency to get extremely offended when President Donald Trump slams them for being “fake news,” but it’s stories like this one that back up his claims entirely.

Conservative Tribune writes of the situation, “In this particular case, it’s ABC News that is at fault. And to be clear, this is certainly not the first time ABC has been biased or misleading in their coverage of Trump. But this might be one of the most egregious cases of ABC News letting its biases show.”

You’ve likely heard about President Trump’s cancellation of his planned trip to a WWI cemetery where American soldiers are buried by now. (The cemetery is located in France.) The news of the trip’s cancellation “caused all sorts of uproar from the president’s staunchest critics.”

Take a look at Clara Jeffrey’s tweet, but beware there is some pretty foul language!


Conservative Tribune reports:

Of course, anti-Trump mainstream media outlets pounced on that narrative. NBC, for instance, headlined its story about it as a decision that “creates a storm of its own,”


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