Liberals Horrified After 12,000 Voters Changed Party Association Before the 2018 Midterms.

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In Wyoming, which is a key ‘watch’ state, at least 12,000 voters have switched their party affiliate.

It seems in Wyoming, the fabled ‘blue wave’ may have turn out to be a trickle. In truth, the most effective fundamental trade that state has seen is about 12,000 humans converting party association, with a large portion of that variety switching to the GOP.

for the duration of the time leading as much as the country’s primary on August 21, over 12,000 citizens modified their birthday celebration affiliation.

in line with facts launched by way of the Wyoming Secretary of state’s office on Thursday, 12,509 human beings converted among July 6, and September 20, as follows:

  • 6,057 Democrats changed and registered as Republicans;
  • 4,355 Unaffiliated persons changed and registered as Republicans;
  • 744 Unaffiliated persons changed and registered as Democrats;
  • 477 members of the Constitution and Libertarian parties changed and registered as Republicans;
  • 430 Republicans changed and registered as Democrats; and
  • 296 persons of various parties changed and registered as Unaffiliated.

The report did include the fact that 701 of those voters re-registered back to their original party affiliation, from 2018.

“It is absolutely vital that anyone analyzing these party change numbers understand that these numbers are tied to a person’s voter registration and do not represent total ballots cast in the election, and that these numbers do not indicate for whom a person voted,” State Election Director Kai Schon said.

However, many people believe that the disgusting tactics being used against sitting members of congress who are conservative have played a role in the switch.

Others recognize that if the change had been to the left, the media would be having a field day, claiming that it was a referendum against President Trump.
Yet, it seems the reverse is true.

Many American voters realize that America First policies are having a tremendous impact on the lives of everyone, regardless of race.

And the recent calls for violence against the GOP, including a number of actual altercations, may have led people to understand that the liberal idea of control mirrors the worst fascists in history.

A number of conservatives are hoping that the wins retain, and that the entrenched career politicians lose their cushy positions after November’s election.

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